Sasen Exporters is a Sri Lankan organization which is one of the major manufacturers and exporters of coir fibre products both globally and locally since 1990. The company has been registered in Export Development Board (No. 221637) in Sri Lanka as one of the main Coir Fiber Exporters & Suppliers in the Island.

Ceylon Coir Products Ltd (a company incorporated in England) is the Joint Venture Company of Sasen Exporters, Sri Lanka which functions as the Europe HQ for Sasen Exporters. Ceylon Coir Products Group is specialised in producing and supplying Grow Bags, Cocopeats, Coir fiber, and substrate products suitable to grow soft fruits, salads and flowers.

The process of manufacturing coir from the husks of the coconut, is equipped with high powered machinery for large scale production.

Our range of products include:

  • Industrial fibre (raw material in Bedding & Upholstery industry, filtering material in Drainage)
  • Twisted coir (raw material used in Automobile industry)
  • Coir Twine (coir twine for Hops industry, twine for Horticulture)
  • Erosion control products (natural blanket, Geotextiles)
  • Growing media (such as coco pith bricks, grow bags, grow blocks)
  • Gardenware and Homeware products (such as brooms, floor mats, doormats, brushes)

We guarantee following to our customers:

Quality Supervision

We manufacture coir based on the quality guidelines provided by Coconut Research Institute of Sri Lanka and Coconut Development Authority of Sri Lanka. Regular quality tests and supervisions are carried out by specialists of those institutions to make sure our products meet their quality guidelines & standards.

Our commitment for the High Quality & Durability

After all we as a manufacturing organization commit ourselves to deliver the finest quality & durability to you, since we always believe that if you succeed we also succeed. That is why we are committed to deliver such high quality & durable products.

A Fair Price

We guarantee a really fair price to you for coir products compared to many other Sri Lankan and international exporters, and you will never take this quality at such a price from anyone else other than us. We put our fullest commitment to provide our coir products at really fair price by taking necessary steps to reduce the unnecessary costs involved and wastages. Therefore we would like to propose you to perform commercial business with us by purchasing our commodities which we can supply at reasonable rates.

A Trusted Supplier

We really believe in long term relationships with our customers, that is the critical factor in our Business. We guarantee a strong relationship focus in doing business with you from our side. As an importer if you can accept it and value it, we guarantee that you will get huge amounts of benefits from us.

Currently we are exporting our products to Pakistan, China, Japan, USA, Germany & UK.