Coir Twine & Rope

The Coir Twine is manufactured either with white or brown fibre and is manually or semi mechanically (using spinning machines) woven into mats or twisted into twine or rope thus available in rolls. The Coir Twine is of different grades, qualities based on the type of fibre used, the nature of twist, diameter etc. The biodegradable coir twine has numerous applications in soil bioengineering and other industries.

Coir Twine is used in:

  • Manufacture of mats / matting and carpets
  • Rubber based brush mats / mattings, nettings
  • Geotextiles (landscaping and on road embankment to prevent soil erosion).
  • Hop industry
  • Shipping industry

Advantages of using Coir Twine:

  • Cater to different lengths
  • Cater to different thickness ranges
  • Higher breaking strength for the given diameter
  • Relatively less labour is needed to grow/ guide the hop plant
  • Superior roller resistant properties
  • 100% natural, eco-friendly choice because after its useful life it is converted to compost
  • Uniform cross section ensures smooth harvesting mechanism
  • Durable due to resistance to damage by salt water, Strong and nearly impervious to the weather
  • Reasonably priced
  1. The coir fibre ropes produced by us are used for growing oysters.
  2. Firstly, these coir fibre ropes are spread on the sea shore during low tide, as seen in the diagram below.
  3. Thereby, seeds of the oysters, deposit on the coir rope.
  4. Then, these ropes are cut into pieces of about 6 meters and wrapped on wooden posts as seen in the diagrams.
  5. Then, let to run-over by sea water for about 6 months during the time of high tide, the harvest is reaped.