Industrial Fibre

Coconut fibre, also known as coir, is extracted from the material in between the inner husk and outer coat of coconuts.  Those fibre extracted are woven or pressed together to manufacture the number of industrial products. Industrial Fibre is a greener option to the world.

Industrial Fibre is commonly used in:

  • Manufacturing seats of automobile industry
  • Manufacturing Spring cover sheets in the bedding industry
  • Filtering material in the drainage industry
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Bedding and Upholstery Industry
  • Air Condition & Drainage Filters  

Advantage of using Industrial Fibre are:

  • Resilient form & relatively water-proof, which is durable
  • Level of firmness is high and allows air circulation thus supports in bedding to lead a healthy & comfortable life
  • Provides naturally cool & comfort compared to synthetic fibre
  • Non-absorbent nature allows ease of maintenance
  • Resistant to damage by salt water
  • Easily disposable, renewable and eco-friendly, helps to lead a greener life
  • The energy used to manufacture is much lesser than synthetic fibre

Industrial usage:

  • Mattress in the bedding
  • Padding, Sacking and Horticulture in Upholstery industry
  • Packing drainage filter
  • Thermal insulation
  • Air condition filters

Industrial usage:

  • Rubberized form for automobile seats
  • Filtering material in Drainage
  • Air condition filters
  • Manufacturing of packing material